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A5 (Wide) Pocket Pages

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Our A5 (Wide) Pocket Pages are designed to fit larger sized photocards such as BTS Mini Concert Photocards and early TXT album photocards. Features a frosted semi-hard PP cover and an elastic band closure to provide suitable protection and keep it lightweight.

Each pack comes with 10 pocket pages.

[NOTE] These wider refill pages can fit standard sized A5 binders but please note the size difference before purchasing! The larger width of these refills will result in pages sticking out of the binder.

Compatible wide fit A5 binders can be purchased on our shop.

4-Pocket Dimensions: 10.7x7.6cm
2-Pocket Dimensions: 15.6x10.7cm
1-Pocket Dimensions: 15.5x22cm

Material: Polypropylene
Thickness: 0.08mm (80 microns)

✓ Acid & PVC free

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