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A4 Pocket Pages

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These A4 Pocket Pages are designed to fit into your basic stationary binder. With 11 ring holes, these pages are compatible with 2, 3 & 4 ring binders.

The A4 4-Pocket pages are best for postcard sized inclusions (ie. BTS Armypedia or concert photosets). The A4 8-Pocket pages are intended to hold BTS Mini Concert Photocards. Offering a slightly wider fit than your average 8-pocket card page, our version comfortably carries photocards up to 70x100mm in size without being too tight.

Each pack comes with 10 pages.

8-Pocket Dimensions: 7.4x10.6cm
4-Pocket Dimensions: 15x10.6cm
Material: Polypropelyne
Thickness: 100 microns

Suggested binder cover size: 12.5x10.5"

✓ Acid & PVC free
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