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Things you need to start your Kpop photocard binder

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

We all know that the best part about getting your album isn't the CD, it's the photocard! Or in some cases, the many photocards that come with it. As much as we hate that each one is random, there's nothing like leaving it up to chance and still pulling your bias from an album.

If you own a couple albums already then it's safe to assume that you're now wondering where to keep all of your goodies. Photocard binders are the best way to safely store and protect your cards. Not only can you easily access them, but it's great to flip through and be able to see every photocard you own!

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#1: Binders

#2: Pocket pages

#3: Card Sleeves


#1: Pick a binder

The first step to setting up your photocard binder is to get the binder of course! With so many to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming. We've broken down the two most common types to get you started.

3-Ring Binder
Fits: Letter/A4 size paper

These can be quite affordable as you can buy any regular 3-ring binder from your local stationary or office supply store to get you started. They come in a variety of colours and are usually plain for those of you who like to decorate and personalize your things.


6-Ring Binder
Fits: A5 size paper

6-ring binders have been on the rise recently as a great and cute option to store smaller collections. 6-Ring binders or A5 binders are about half the size of 3-Ring binders and were always popular in the planning and journaling community due to it's compact and portable size.

Many 6-ring binders come in a variety of styles and designs, with a wide price range.

#2: Find photocard pages

Photocard pages, or pocket pages are probably the most important part of setting up your binder. Your photocards will be stored in them for the inevitable future so it's recommended to pick good quality pocket pages! They're essential to preserve the quality of your photocards for years to come.

9-Pocket Pages
Fits: 3-Ring Binder

The easiest place to look for pocket pages is your local board game store. If they sell trading card games, they most likely sell trading card storage supplies too. Such places typically stock 9-pocket pages, which holds up to nine photocards and will fit into your standard 3-ring binder

If you don't have a board game store near you, you can find them on Amazon too.

Source: Amazon CA

4-Pocket Pages
Fits: 6-Ring Binder

4-pocket pages fit up to four photocards and fit into 6-ring or A5 binders. They're a little more difficult to find but Japanese or Korean stationary stores sometimes have these available. You're best bet however, are specialty Kpop collecting supply stores (like us!).

What if my photocards don't fit?

Most album photocards come in a standard size that fit into your 9-pocket or 4-pocket pages. Sometimes you'll get inclusions that come in odd sizes but don't worry because there are options for those as well.

#3: Always sleeve your cards

The last step before you can start organizing your photocards is the sleeve them of course! These are thin, clear and flexible card holders that provide extra protection for your photocards. You'd be surprised at how often you touch your cards by organizing, re-organizing, trading, selling, moving etc. so it's nice to have an extra barrier around it at all times. Some card sleeves also have decorative designs printed on them which help your collection pop!

Card sleeves can be found at the same places you find your photocard pages. They also come in a variety of sizes and thickness to suit your preferences.


Have any extra tips and suggestions to add? Leave them in a comment below.

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