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Still Life Photography

Group Orders

Want to host a GO? Want to make a large order? Check out the info below to learn how you can purchase your goods. See our FAQ to learn more.

Key terms:

GO - Group Order
GOM - Group Order Manager


Still Life Photography
  • Do you allow GOs?
    Yes of course! GOMs are always welcome to host a GO for their country.
  • How do we contact you to host a GO?
    For in-stock items in our shop, there's no need to contact us to host your own GO. Just place an order as a regular customer and you're good to go! For our reference, please leave a note at checkout saying that your order is a GO and the amount of joiners you have. If the items you're looking for are out of stock and you'd like to open a GO for them, please email us at with your inquiry.
  • Can I host a GO for out of stock items?
    Absolutely! In this case, it would be treated as a custom order. [REQUIREMENTS] Custom orders require a minimum total of 20 units in your entire order and a minimum of 5 units per item. Ex. 8 A5 Deco Binders, 7 A5 Pocket Pages & 5 Premium Card Sleeves (Products with options can be mixed and matched in any quantity to meet the 5 unit per item minimum) [PRICING] Pricing for out of stock items in a GO will remain regular price. As GOs take a lot of time, we cannot freeze any promotional pricing for custom orders. [PROCESSING] As out of stock items are not in hand at our location in Toronto, custom orders can take up to 1 month to arrive before being shipped to the GOMs location. [NOTE] If your group order includes in-stock and out of stock items, we must create a custom order for every product regardless of availability status in order to avoid inventory confusion and packing errors. Please email us at with any questions or inquiries.
  • Which GOs are currently open?
    If we are contacted regarding GOs, we will post about it on our Instagram stories! Alternatively, you can view our tagged posts to see GOs hosted via Instagram. [NOTE] NOTADELI is a small business owned and operated by one person and does not run background checks on GOMs and hosts. Please do your own research regarding GOMs prior to making any payments.
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